A path-breaking legacy of shaping the very skyline of a modern Navi Mumbai began with the inception of Bhumiraj Constructions in 1990. Nearly two decades of passionate resolve has seen the company evolve from a visionary idea into Navi Mumbai’s foremost real estate developer. The company’s customer centric ethos with an eye to the future is mainly credited to the success of the “Budget Housing” concept all across Mumbai’s sister city. Our work over the past many years of providing quality lifestyle infrastructure has ensured it’s upgradation to the status of ‘Budget Luxury’.

Bhumiraj Group's 20000 sq.ft corporate office at Costa Rica on Palm Beach Road is as welcoming as the warm ambiences of their residences. More than builders, they see themselves as realisers. client’s dreams. Our success stems from our ability to view our projects from their perspective, understand their sensitivity & sensibility and then deliver beyond their expectation. Bhumiraj Group is of the firm belief that the valuable canvas of mother Earth deserves the utmost respect. It should only be used to create infrastructure that is in harmony with the five elements of nature, namely Earth (Bhumi), Air (Vayu), Water(Jal), Fire (Agni) and Space (Akash). Standing testimony will be Bhumiraj Heights, our upcoming 14-acre landmark township at CBD Belapur.


Bhupendra Shah

Mr. Bhupendra Shah


Bhupendra Shah is a first generation entrepreneur who believes in transcending conventional norms and setting fresh benchmarks. Bhupendra Shah is passionate and harbours a resolve to achieve excellence in lifestyle infrastructure for scores of families and investors trusting their life’s savings on his projects.

Bhumiraj Group's focus is customer-centric and to provide ‘Real Value to them. Bhupendra Shah spearheads BANM (Builder’s Association of Navi Mumbai) and this is just the very beginning of things to come. Watch this space… or should we say, his space through his many landmark offerings in the years to come.

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A Story That Has To Be Told

Some stories are journeys of self-actualization. They begin with a dynamic vision that sets a course based upon ethical policies. It is driven on business acumen achieving milestones along the way. These are journeys without an end, only a future that is smart and bright.

Bhumiraj Groupwas incorporated with the aim of promoting the Affordable housing concept and fulfilling the aspirations of scores of families looking for economically priced quality homes in Navi Mumbai. The path-breaking initiative commenced in the slackest period of 1990 on a virgin stretch of land in what is today prestigiously referred to as Palm Beach Road, Sanpada. The Plan to build a mass housing project named ‘BHUMIRAJ KASTURI CHS’ comprising 850 residential units and 60 commercial units in an area lacking basic infrastructure such as sewage, water and electricity required the foresight of a man who could see beyond the future. Bhupendra Shah took the risk to single-handedly venture into this unexplored territory. Bhupendra Shah was bolstered by the strength of his unflinching resolve to seed the mushrooming of a township. That township has since evolved into India’s fastest growing smart city. The Bhumiraj Group is today redefining Navi Mumbai’s skyline through landmark projects and has successfully delivered 1500+ units in 47 buildings in the span of just 3 years. The future has arrived and will be re-written with every new offering from the group. You can say that our story has just begun.

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